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  1. A Lake to Remember: Slovenia

    26 Jan 2016
    I am often asked about my favorite place in the world. This is easily one of them. Being from Minnesota, I grew up around many beautiful lakes in my lifetime. However few can match this stunner: Lake Bled is in northwestern Slovenia (locals pronounce it “Blade”). The tree-lined Julian Alps envelope this…

  2. Bread and Life: Russia

    26 Jan 2016
    Daily life on Nevskiy Avenue in St. Petersburg: Tire kicking at the used car lot, commuting, and the savory meat pie bakery where we stopped for lunch.

  3. Valley of the Moon: Jordan

    26 Jan 2016
    Sunset overlooking our camp site in south Jordan. Wadi Rum occupies 270 square miles of Aqaba province, a protected desert that serves as a cultural center for Zalabia Bedouin tribes and was the original movie set from Lawrence of Arabia. Locals refer to this area as the ‘Valley of the…

  4. Fallen, Not Forgotten: Netherlands

    26 Jan 2016
    For 7 decades scores of Dutch families have taken it upon themselves to adopt, research and care for each of the 8,301 American soldiers buried in Margraten, Netherlands. The local news reports that over 100 local families remain on a waiting list to take on such an honor, which is…

  5. Social Security: Israel

    26 Jan 2016
    Deep in the nooks and crannies of Jerusalem security guards take a break in the cool shade of a hot day.

  6. All in a Day’s Work: Jordan

    26 Jan 2016
    This is Sauq. Presumably a member of the Bedul Bedouin tribes native to south Jordan. Though limited in English, he caught my ear: by a stream of loud grunts and “hee-yahs” that I mistakenly thought were directed at me. Taken aback, I stopped long enough to notice his barrage of…

  7. History and a Sense of Humor: Belgium

    07 Sep 2015
    Every two years the Belgian village of Theux turns the calendar back to the year 1500 for an epic Medieval Festival. Over 2,000 volunteer actors flood the 11th century castle of Franchimont where they mingle with thousands of visitors like us, costumed from head to toe. As we strolled the hilly…

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